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I found cpTracker by regularly searching the Internet for a project management and CRM tracking solution that met my needs. The layout (allowing me to view a list of projects and related (outstanding) tasks in the bottom window was the thing that got me hooked, and as I looked deeper into the product, I found that it was far superior to standard PM tools (such as MS-Project) and even mind mapping tools (which I have considerable experience with).
-- David Payne, Director visualPRINCE Pty Ltd

Many thanks! You have no idea how happy we are with the product, we can't
even imagine how we got along without it! So far no other product we looked
at can compete with cpTracker
. -- Ola Lantz, Ackurat Design, Sweden

"This is very cool!!!!! Your cpTracker system will solve a lot of my back office problems!
Unbelievable!!! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for - for years! We looked at cpTracker last weekend and let me tell you that this is a fantastic system. I *love* the design - it is very clear and intuitive! cpTracker is a must have tool for software developers!!!" --
  Friedrich Linder, www.lindersoft.com

"It's a <real> pleasure to see a developer who has such obvious respect and regard for his customers and product, who is developing for the long-term, and who affirmatively bonds with his customers. Very nice work." -- Robert Lerner

"I have been looking for something like you are writing for some time. Your application is functionally rich and specific. I especially like the ability to add lifecycle phases. MS Project is overkill for most project work. Still, it is an excellent scheduling tool, especially for enterprise wide efforts, but for general project management it is too much. I have been looking for something like your program.
Thanks for your great work."
--  Gene Wright

"With cpTracker we've been able to turn a huge client base into something that's easily manageable. It's amazing how fast your business can grow when you're able to keep track of your processes down to the last detail. It replaces the need for my project list, notes, memos, and about a hundred post-its." -- Jonathan Sukarangsan, Web Project Manager, Gray Graphics

"This is turning out to be a VERY useful application!" --  Poul Jensen, MariSoft

"By the way, your program is super!!!" -- Mauricio Nicastro, Argentina

"My hat's off to you, This looks Great. You have done a terrific job. I believe this is going to be a must have tool for the old toolbox. Thanks for an awesome product!" -- Faron Dunn, Diamond Software Systems, Inc.

"Thank you for a most excellent package." -- Roberto Artigas Jr.

"Greg, just to let you know that I think cpTracker is "Cool" <g>, seriously, I have been looking for something to keep track of my projects and whala ... Keep it up." -- Jan K. van Dalen

I'd just like to put a plug in for Greg Berthume and cpTracker. The program is excellent, and even though I haven't yet purchased it, his support during my evaluation has been SUPERB! I can tell he goes that extra mile (or 10) for his customers, and look forward to doing business with him. Thanks Greg! -- Ben Morehouse

Truly an impressive package! -- Pete Harder

I love the product. -- Gerald W Duke

Greg, cpTracker continues to be enhanced at an amazing rate with extraordinary features - great product! Keep up the excellent work. -- David Troxell

The software is great, by the way, but you know that already. -- Don Reynolds

Love the smooth look in the Tracker! -- Gary Stanley

I've reviewed a great number of similar products and from what I've seen so far you have an excellent product! -- Bill Riddle

Using the program more and more.... very very very helpful! -- Jeffrey D. Kolker

Thank you for the GREAT WORK! -- Ashley Stahl

Excellent, thanks again for your quick responses. You’re software has already been a great help. -- Joseph A. O'Donnell

Thanks again for the foresight in developing such a great product. I do not develop software, but your program is flexible enough to let me keep track of all the information about my GIS projects. -- Russ Davis, Appalachian Geographics

Yes, not only am I using the software but am looking at your design concepts and the way you've integrated third-party tools so well into the package. Nice work! -- Dean Burgess

cpTracker is a very nice product, very exciting what you have done. -- Gary Gustafson

Out of all the systems I have tested, your software was by far the best and most affordable. -- Shelley Burke

It's a great piece of software, by far the best I have looked at. Congrats on meeting the real needs of people. -- Bill Murray

Your product has been extremely helpful to us in tracking and managing our sales leads. -- Andy, Upfrontsoftware.com

cpTracker is awesome. It's the best investment I made!! I still have papers around, but not
near as many as I did. --
Sheila Manning, www.grandriversoftware.com

I love it - it is very very comprehensive!. -- Kevin B. Erskine, www.Software-By-Ragazzi.com

VERY good tool (even when you have some ideas, you can put them on cpTracker too!!)
Juan Domingo Herrera , SoftMasters - http://www.softmasters.com.ar

Thanks Greg. I appreciate the ease of communicating with you. It’s nice not to have to wait for “customer service” to take a couple of days to get back to me. -- David M.

Thanks for all your help on a terrific product! -- Tori Williamson

I do appreciate your excellent support!! You have, by far, the best technical support of all the software I have tried. -- Lorie

Thanks for this great app! It's making a big difference in how I'm working in just the few days I've been using it. -- Eric E.

Hi wanted to give you a report as we have finished a full week of working with the program and after all my whining I can say it is really great and all your hard work has paid off and it is great and works a lot better than I had originally thought so again thank you for all your hard work. -- Kathy - Taxladies (custom solution)

I forget how I stumbled on to the Lite version, but it's perfect for me. It only took a few days of the free trial for me to see that. I just wanted to let people know that it's really good and they should give it a try. Keep up the good work. Thanks!. -- Rick Dafler

It truly offers a lot of flexibility. I work in government and stakeholder relations for LifeScan, a blood glucose meter company -- contact management is very important for me and your program is one of a kind! -- Andrew Chung

Wanted to let you know that we're having a great time with the product. -- John Lindsey - Express Financial Services 10/12/05 - 10 user site.

We use it mostly for project management. We are a small payroll company and I use the software to track my software projects. cpTracker works wonderful because you can use it a little bit for small projects or if you have a large project, it tracks just about everything.
Bob St.Germaine 10/22/05

See for yourself how cpTracker can help you and download a fully functional 30 day trial now!


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