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Does cpTracker suport multi-user access?

Absolutely, cpTracker can be installed and run on networks and is fully multi-user. Please purchase the necessary number of user licenses for the number of concurrent users. The more you buy, the less you pay so purchase a few extra licenses! Email us for multi-user discounts and site license pricing.

When will an SQL version be available?

cpTracker Enterprise BETA is available now. It's really quite solid, we are just updating the help file and adding the finishing touches. Send us an email or purchase the beta. Here are some screenshots: http://www.cptracker.net/enterprise/

The ULTRA FAST Enterprise Edition of cpTracker will run via advanced client server technology for large networks, or small networks with large databases. Enterprise Edition is the same as the Professional Edition except that it uses the Microsoft MSDE database or Microsoft SQL Server Version 7 or 2000 Database Engine. The Professional Edition (currently available) uses TPS files (ISAM) which is very fast and an excellent solution for a smaller number of users.

I need more time to evaluate cpTracker and the software has expired, can I get an extension on the evaluation?

Absolutely! If your trial has expired and need some more time to evaluate cpTracker, email us for a temporary unlock code. We want you to be absolutely sure that cpTracker is the right solution for your needs.

Will cpTracker be locked to a specific PC at install time? I want to run it from my Laptop and I get a new PC every year or 18 months. I want it registered to me and not a specific PC.

No, the serial number is generated from your name or your company name, not your hardware. You are free to move it to a different computer or additional computers but only the licensed user is allowed to run the software.

I kind of like Joel-On-Software and his opinion that you have to be careful not to make project management systems require/request so much information that you avoid the chore and resume using stick notes.

I agree with Joel! One of the nice things about cpTracker is that you can use as little or as much of it as you desire. We realize we all do things differently and need to track different levels of detail depending on the project, company requirements, etc. Read the detailed answer!

Will you be offering a web based version of cpTracker?

Yes, we will be developing a browser version of cpTracker. This project will begin shortly after releasing the Enterprise Edition.

Will you be offering a PDA interface?

Yes, we are definitely planning on developing a PDA interface and this project will begin in late 2005.

Is the cpTracker data dictionary available? I would like to interface to the cpTracker database, import data, write custom reports, etc.

Yes! The Clarion DCT file is available for a small fee. Please visit our purchase page to place your order. The Data DCT file will be emailed to you. We will need your registered name and serial number/unlock code to verify that you are an existing cpTracker user. The data dictionary can only be used by Clarion developers. An ODBC driver is available for the Topspeed file driver which is used by cpTracker. An MS SQL version of cpTracker will be available in a future version.

Does cpTracker have a GANTT Chart capability?

Not currently but Gantt Charting is coming soon! In the meantime, you may export project and project task data via the Spreadsheet Wizard to be imported by tools such as MS Project, which feature various charting and scheduling options. You can also manipulate the data in MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

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